My love for health and fitness continued on into my marriage and through 4 pregnancies, I absolutely LOVED the process of pregnancy as well as the process of healing after baby, I appreciated what my body went through and respected the fact that getting back to my body goals would be a process, this is where I found a greater interest in gaining strength and really setting small goals to achieve the bigger goals, starting with 10-15min workouts everyday and going up from there. Through that process I realized that consistency in the small and the everyday focus on the little will ultimately get the results, through that fitness became more of a lifestyle and a time of self-care. 

Certified Strength & Conditioning and Intermittent Fasting Coach 

Hi! I'm Delina, Founder of Swyft Fitness, Swyft Sweat and Strong By Delina. I am a mom of 4, I also homeschool my kiddos, do some personal training in between and run my company alongside my husband. My passion for fitness sparked when I was 13yrs old, played some sports, met my husband in the weight room in high school. Sounds like the perfect fitness love story ha! 

My Vision

I found that in the midst of financial struggle and circumstances that were out of my control fitness became my outlet, my way to cope in the middle of chaos sometimes, you mamas know what I mean! ha! My desire was to start to research and figure out a system so others who needed help with their goals wouldn't have to search for that on their own, but have a blueprint laid out to help achieve realistic goals and sustainable goals. I believe everyone carries an inner athlete on the inside and is more than capable to tap into that inner strength, I want to help you find that strength and see your potential shine!